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amsters are natural performers. In fact, people who pour on the drama whenever the cameras are rolling are often called "hams." Likewise, that behavior is referred to as "hamming it up." The term comes from hamster, of course.

In fact, the Syrian hamster emerged from obscurity in the wild to starring roles in Hollywood movies, car commercials, and even programming about current events and politics.

Indeed, Hamster candidates have starred in their own "infomercial" films, beginning in campaign year 2004, with another full length feature in 2012 (appears on this site). By election year 2016, the campaign contracted to have a series of 25 to 30 one-minute ads produced, also available here. All video was produced by the world's first hamster-owned entertainment company, YodaVision Films.

Yoda (2002-2004)is an ancestor of all presidential candidates to follow, being the grandfather of Diddley Squat V, the 2004 candidate. Many generations later came Zoey, the second female hamster (2008 race) to run for the high office - after Ms. Ganjette, daughter of the first HFP contender Mister Ganja (1996)

Since the passing of the great founder, the business has been a family enterprise, run by successive generations. The late great Sage, distant cousin to Diddley and Squit and also a direct descendant of Yoda, was in charge of video production at the time the propaganda film was made in 2012. She left the business to Diddley's bride, Cree. And by the 2016 campaign, video production became the responsibility of the highly competent Otis (photo below):

Currently, video production is in the talented and very capable paws of Leo, a large, beige hamster with more fur than twelve average longhairs put together. His picture appears below.

On this page you'll find links to a series of videos by, about, and for hamsters. So grab the popcorn and enjoy!

The 2016 HFP Commercials

Watch here or download from these links:

Watch Video One
The Credit Card Ad

Watch Video Two
The Privacy (Cell Phone) Ad

Watch Video Three
Another Kind of Potus (early campaign ad)

Watch Video Four
Three Things About Hamsters

Watch Video Five
Changing of the Guard (primary season)

Watch Video Six
Ten Things A Bad President Will Do

Watch Video Seven
Potus Goes to Washington (electable)

Watch Video Eight
The Nuclear War Ad

Watch Video Nine
Potus - Clean and Sober

Watch Video Ten
The Halloween Ad

Watch Video Eleven
The Politics of Garbage

Watch Video Twelve
The Old Newsreel Ad

Watch Video Thirteen
Piss Off the Establishment

Watch Video Fourteen
Test Your Political IQ (long)

Watch Video Fifteen
If It's About The Economy . . .

Watch Video Sixteen
Danger at the Polls!

And these are older videos, unrelated to the campaign - just for fun:


600-pound hamsters invade New York. It's a spoof of horror film trailers with an all-hamster cast. Click the ticket to view.


Things get wild when squirrels compete for peanuts at the Squirrel Cafe.


The setting is the touristy ghost town of St. Elmo, Colorado, populated almost entirely by these friendly rodents - and a little store that sells seeds and chipmunk teeshirts.


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