P. Legume Bean, Esq. for Governor

P. Legume Bean, known to friends and family as "Peanut," is running for the currently unoccupied position of Honest Governor. He promises that, if elected to the office of Governor, he will not pouch snacks or toiletries that belong to the office. Nor is Peanut in the least bit inclined to give special consideration to anyone donating a slice of apple or other treats to his campaign. He rarely remembers who gave him what, so it can't be a problem.

Chili Bean for Lt. Governor

Chili Bean is not the hardest working hamster in the world, but he decided to run for Lieutenant Governor because the race will be easy. Being neither confused, disinterested, or totally wacko-crazy, he easily has an edge over his opponents in the statewide elections in November of 2013.

Viola T. Ion for Attorney General

The job of Attorney General is enormous and important. So why should anyone trust such a big job to Viola's tiny paws? The answer is simple. The Attorney General sets the tone for all politics in the state. Viola is a paralegal trained at the University of Hamsterdam who knows nothing about threats, bullying or intimidation. She considers the job a laundry list of things not to do. No meddling in personal affairs, no vote-rigging, no trampling on the rights of others, no abuse of power. Sweet and smart and naive in a most appealing way, she's perfect for the job.