HFP Campaign Staff Reorganized

The campaign to win in 2020 is now well underway, with the various campaign staff taking to their new positions with great enthusiasm.

Leo, the long-time videoham (seen below), is now looking forward to retiring, and his nephew, vice presidential candidate Monaham, is eagerly studying the craft with him.

There is nothing simple about video editing. Even a thirty-second television ad can take many 16-hour days to complete, using hundreds of little bits of sound and video that have to be sorted out and overlayed with transitions, special effects, sound, narration, text, and mixing. Sometimes a particularly complicated scene - one that might last but a second or two - rquires a whole other process with an entirely different editing program.

Keeping as many as several hundred little snips of video in place on a screen, remembering which is which, adjusting the timing, making cuts and edits is so complicated that one hamster compared it to memorizing where every scrap of litter is, the size of each piece, what other piece is next to it, and then concentrating intently on the bits and the whole at the same time - without losing track of any of it.

Teaching it is just as hard, Leo insists. But young Monaham has shown a great deal of talent in the field, with the intelligence and attention to detail that the task requires.

Meanwhile there's Mason (at right), brother of the candidates, who is a businessham in his own right, selling trashy real estate using the slogan "Ratholes are for People, Too." He maintains his own Rodent Real Estate website with hundreds of properties listed, and since his father's untimely death last month (a month ago today), he has done a lot of the technical work on the Hamster for President site, as well. That had been Louie's pride and joy, and his son fully appreciates its importance to the family. Helping him when it comes to both content and design will be his lovely mother Ruby, who promised her late husband before his death that she'd make sure it gets done.

An uncle to the candidates, Seņor Lopez, has agreed to be in charge of travel and contacts, as well as publicity - that all-important factor in any political campaign.

Beetle, a great uncle to the candidates (brother of their sainted grandmother Dolly), is the intellectual of the family and has done hours of research starting long before the candidates were picked for their positions - or even born, for that matter. He works closely with Lopez, Ruby and, of course, the candidates to develop and articulate the policies of the hamsters on important issues of the day.

To date the campaign has produce no less than six commercial spots, varying in length from 20 seconds to one minute, and another is in the process of being filmed. All this before the year 2020 has even arrived. The next production will be Monaham's first solo effort (supervised by Leo) at editing a video.

The campaign videos can be seen on the Media page (fourth tab from the left on the manu above), along with a large number of "Potus for P.O.T.U.S." videos created for the 2016 campaign and some from even earlier campaigns.

The candidates have also secured for themselves some prime real estate for a campaign headquarters, with a complete video studio upsairs. The offices are shown below:

So far Diddley and Monaham have been their own speech writers, but they count on having their great-uncle Beetle helping them as things get more complicated and time constraints become a real problem.

The staff of seven is complimented by a group of consultant-hams who reside in Virginia at the Hamster for President headquarters, National Capital Area. Currently they number just three, but another one or two are expected to be recruited after Christmas.

Thanks for visiting, and come back soon!

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