Amid Sad Farewells,
Beautiful Young Faces

As the campaign says goodbye to senior candidates Cosmo, Sage, and Cropsie, we also welcome our newscomers, Bassey, Linus, and Rupert.

The precious Cosmo, who retired at the end of 2012, passed away on the 9th of April. His most Sage (right) and Cosmo: Photo taken 22 October 2011 devoted wife Sage, the HFP video hamster, followed him on the 9th of June (see photo at right). And just six days later, we lost our geek-ham and website manager, the lovely Cropsie.

But in between were two blessed events, with another looming on the horizon.

Bassey, the only daughter of Rocco and his wife MidDiv, arrived on the night of Monday, 22 April. Next came a litter of eleven born to Diddley and Cree on the 13th of May. Among them are Linus and Rupert, who will continue to live and work with the campaign.

And in early June, it was publicly disclosed that Bassey and Squit plan to marry later this month.

The youngsters have yet to complete their formal training and have not yet picked their vocations with the Hamster For President Election Committee. But already Bassey has shown a keen interest in horse racing and insists she can increase the campaign coffers by betting Rupert Rat Squat, Son of Diddley and Cree Squat small quantities of seeds in races taking place either at the Fakenhamster Racecourse in Norfolk (England) or at the famous Nottinghamster track, located in Nottinghamshire. Another favorite racecourse is Hexhamster in Northumberland.

Bassey has a special formula for horse betting which works only for hamsters (unless people bet seeds, too). She points out that if you get in three races on short-priced favorites, it's possible to lose seeds even if two out of three are winners. But if you take three races with slighly longer odds horses - say 4/1 to 15/1 - and win just one, the seeds in the betting bowl can soon overflow.

Of course, she adds, no one should bet on a horse without watching that horse in earlier races. If the horse tends to do well at the same distance, especially Linus Squat, Son of Diddley and Cree Squat on the same type of track (turf vs. sand) and similar conditions. She adds that many a horse doesn't win a race in its first year or even the second. But if you can pick for yourself in each race a steadily improving horse with a good jockey, you're sure to win a few.

The two younger children, the sons of Diddley and Cree Squat, are still studying and not committed to a profession as yet. However, Rupert (pictured top left) is obviously the intellectual of the litter and has shown various interests, including history, political science, and philosophy. He reads the newspaper front to back, with a special interest in politics and the stock market.

Linus (lower left photo), the more light hearted of the two, is rarely seen on all fours, except when eating, rummaging through a dish full of seeds, or running on the wheel. He prefers watching videos on YouTube to reading. His first ambition is to become a "stand-up comic" - something that pleases neither of his parents. They are trying to persuade him to take after the late, great Cropsie and enter the field of computer science.

Bassey and Squit plan to have a litter soon after they marry, and both hope to eventually become the grandparents or great-grandparents of a future POTUS.

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