Cree. Could she be the next First Lady?



It seems there may soon be a FLOTUS - First Lady of the United States. Her name is Cree, and she has definitely caught the eye of Diddley Squat. The feeling is mutual, though the bashful young Cree is so in awe of Diddley that she can scarcely squeak to him.

The two first met briefly on Friday the 18th of January when Cree and her sister MidDiv came to live as permanent residents at HFP headquarters in Colorado. Diddley at the time was working on his State of the Union speech, which was delivered last month. Diddley's intense interest in politics has always made him cautious about finding a love interest. So for a while he kept his distance.

But Diddley's mother Bitty (known as Doc Bitty, M.H., a MedicineHam) saw in Cree all the qualities she ever wished for in a daughter-in-law and, once the political activity slowed down, she started plotting ways to get the two of them together. And before long, their cages were placed side-by-side on a Rodent Room shelf. And it took Diddley no time to notice the lovely, perky, gorgeous creature next door.

By late February, the two were making supervised visits at least twice nightly. The magnetism between them was awesome. Through Cree's cage bars they kissed passionately.

Because she is still extremely shy "in the company of one so great and important," as Cree has several times confided to Doc Bitty, the young hamstress rarely says a word. But the love in her eyes - and in his - makes words unnecessary.

Watch this space for news of a wedding and honeymoon and, God willing, a happy, healthy brood of children. In fact, this is probably as close to an official engagement announcement as will be published anywhere.


In fact, on Monday the 4th of March, Cree expects to become an aunt. Sister MidDiv, who on Valentine's Day was married to Rocco (son of Cropsie and the late Spencer), is now contentedly lookng forward to raising what may be a fairly large litter.

The happy couple are shown at left in a photo taken on the 16th of February when the two lovers enjoyed a spectacular and passionate honeymoon.

Stay tuned for updates on this famous family as well as the romance between Diddley Squat and Cree.

The next generation of political hamsters is sure to make its appearance soon.

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