Thousands of Campaign Volunteers

Enough Already!

The Houston headquarters of the Hamster for President Election Committee

With just over three weeks until election day, the campaign has really picked up steam. Volunteers are pouring into campaign offices in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Hamster For President billboard in Las Vegas In fact, there are so many willing to donate their time to help elect Diddley Squat and Squit that supervisors in campaign offices have had to turn people (and four-footed creatures) away in droves.

In Detroit just yesterday, there was a line of humans numbering about 300 outside the campaign office waiting to get in. At least 2,000 rats, chipmunks, groundhogs and squirrels were busy inside hauling out flyers and bumper stickers to distribute to the masses. The story is the same in at least a dozen other cities where crowds of supporters have offered to help get Diddley and Squit elected.

In Los Angeles, a teen's birthday party was turned into a fundraiser for the campaign. So successful was the event that six billboards promoting Diddley's candidacy are now up in and Diddley Squat campaign button around Los Angeles, and another two are prominently on display along the Las Vegas strip (see photo, above left). Still others have been paid for by supporters in at least 18 cities.

And one doesn't have to look far to find other signs of growing support for the Diddley Squat campaign. Bumper stickers are starting to show up on cars and in shopping malls everywhere it's easy to find people wearing the little blue "Vote Diddley Squat" bottons (and variations, see image at left).

The groundswell of support for the Hamster campaign has been such that some commentators have started to remark that Diddley could be the "spoiler" in the 2012 election. A few have gone so far as to speculate that he may actually win the popular vote. This possibility - and it looks more realistic every day - has some Car spotted at a rest stop east of Fort Collins, Colorado (note the vanity tag) that he may actually win the popular vote. This possibility - and it looks more realistic every day - has some at campaign headquarters looking for a special type of volunteer - a Constitutional lawyer who will give his or her time to argue before the Supreme Court that the elected hamsters be allowed to take office.

For those unfamiliar with history, a previous HFP candidate, Diddley Squat IV (2000-2002), is believed to have received the majority of votes in the 2000 election, but never took office due to a Supreme Court decision that gave the office to G. W. Bush (see History). The current nominee is Diddley Squat VI.

And with the release of the sensational new HFP campaign video, the candidates will likely get a major boost that could put them over the top.

The 24-minute video appears below:

You may contact the Hamster For President campaign at:

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