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Many things have happened in the past six months. There have been births and deaths, engagements, weddings, and honeymoons. And the Hamster For President Election Committee has a new home.

As has been previously announced, we were joined in January by the lovely Cropsie, who on the 25th of that month wed Limood. A honeymoon took place on the 6th of February. And by the 18th, 12 days after the lovely couple consummated their vows, everything seemed right on track. Cropsie had gained weight, about the right amount for a hamster expecting a litter in four days.

But suddenly everything went wrong. On the 19th, Cropsie had gained no more weight. If anything, she was barely holding the weight she had the night before. But she remained active, happy, and from all appearances, in good health. The following morning, Sunday the 20th, she died. The most likely explanation was a pre-existing tumor complicated by a pregnancy.

Limood was inconsolable. To this day, he has not looked at another hamstress and swears he never will. He is certain that his Cropsie - and probably a bunch of children, too - are just waiting for him on the other side of the bridge.

Another huge loss was Gabe, who died, tragically, just hours after Cropsie's arrival on a plane from Cincinnati. The venerable and beloved Gabe passed away at 2:51 a.m. on the 7th of January. Cropsie had studied hard to take his place as the new resident geek-ham and tech-wiz.

Our matriarch, D'Arcy (top photo), did manage to live to see her great-grandchildren before she crossed the bridge on the 7th of June. She passed away after long showing the signs of old age. D'Arcy lived for almost two years, an age very few females achieve.

D'Arcy is survived by her daughters Pestis (in Colorado) and Natalie (in Virginia), as well as a son, Napster (of Ohio). Two grandsons, Fuzzy-Sozo and Limood, reside at the Colorado sanctuary, and a third, Fuzzball, is at the National Capital Area headquarters. A daughter, April, lives in Ohio, and two more daughters, Bubble and Strangelet, are with the Virginia branch of the family.

She also has five great-grandchildren, the sons and daughters of Fuzzy-Sozo and his wife, Jetta.

Jetta came to live with the family in late February of 2011, before the move to the new HFP Sanctuary. She immediately caught the eye of Fuzzy-Sozo, who proposed marriage. The couple said their vows on the 27th of April and honeymooned that night. (See photo at right.) And in sixteen days, as hamsters are known to do, Jetta gave birth to a litter of six.

One son died in infancy and two more live with the Denver family. They are Spencer (named for his great-grandfather and spouse of D'Arcy) and Einstein (named for a beloved friend in Virginia whose life was far too short). And there are three daughters, Skosh and Bonnie in Virginia, and Sage in Colorado.

The photo on the left shows the babies at twelve days old. In the foreground is daughter Bonnie. Spencer is directly behind her. Sage is to the right of Spencer. Skosh and Einstein are in the background.

Most recently, Sage and Cosmo let it leak that they plan to be married in August. The news was hardly unexpected, and Sage's parents welcome Cosmo as their future son-in-law.

And for once there will be room for another maternity event, should the couple be so blessed. The hamster family finally relocated from their ghastly tenement room in the south metro area (photo at right) to a large, attractive and clean Rodent Room in a spacious and modern house located in far northeast Denver. The new residence offers them quiet quarters, all their very own, in which they can safely run outside their cages (with supervision, of course). Painted a dark, tranquil blue, the setting features hamster-appropriate lighting and wall pictures, including family portraits, as well as incense burners, protected electrical wiring, and proper ventilation.

The ten hamsters currently in residence - Bonno, Pestis, Limood, Fuzzy-Sozo, Jetta, Beetle, Hamster Room Cosmo, Sage, Einstein, and Spencer - look forward with optimism to future generations and a lively, eventful, and productive Hamster For President Campaign 2012, including public outreach, video productions, and much more.

And they thank you immensely for your support!

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