The Nominee:
Mr. Diddley Squat V

Political Convention '04

It's official. The Hamster For President Campaign Committee now has a new nominee - Mr. Diddley Squat the Fifth. Diddley is the son of Cecil and Donna, a direct descendant of three previous contenders Mr. Ganja; Ms. Ganjette; and Yarash, Jr. (VP nominee). He was born early on the morning of Saturday, 25 September 2004.

Upon being selected by thousands of furry delegates at the 2004 Hamster Political Convention in Washington, Diddley took to the podium and spoke briefly to the assembly, promising to keep up the good fight for a complete rodent takeover of government.

Though youthful, Diddley looked very presidential as he spoke calmly to the group from a large chair in the spotlight. The first order of business, of course, was to pay tribute to the retired Potus, unable to attend the convention due to old age, who received a tremendous round of applause from appreciative hamsters.

Next, the illustrious Mr. Squat introduced his running mate - his brother Bupkes, a quiet studious type with a warm, quiet personality.

The convention ended with a concert by the Acoustic Rodents and special yogurt and walnuts banquet.

Diddley and Bupkes planned a week of rest and relaxation after the convention, and then the work of building a consensus for a global Pax Rodentia begins.

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