In the last announcement appearing here, young Cecil, son of Yoda and Diamond, was searching for a bride. At stake is nothing less than the continuation of the illustrious family that produced the only serious presidential contenders of the rodents species in U.S. history - from Mister Ganja (1996) to his daughter Ganjette (1998), to Ganjette's great grandson Diddley Squat (2000) to Potus, the great-great-great grandson of Ganjette (2002).

Cecil got dozens of emails, some of them marriage proposals. But unfortuantely, most were too far away - or else the female was too old to start a family or could not relocate. It was encouraging, of course, to read all the kind messages that came in. But, at the end of the day, Cecil, who turned a year old on the 28th of July, seemed no closer than before to wedded bliss....

But ...

But then came Donna! Donna is short for "Prima Donna," which means "First Lady." She was found by two of the kindest humans in the world who had searched pet stores all over northern Virginia to find this gentle, beautiful creature. In fact, they even paid the pet shop's ransom to liberate her.

Cecil took one look at her picture (which they emailed the same day), and he was smitten. On the Virginia end, two photos of Cecil from the HFP web page were printed out and posted on the wall beside Donna's cage. It was clear that the attraction was mutual. Cecil asked his human chauffeur to drive out to get her the following morning.

It was a ride of over 100 miles, and all didn't go smoothly. First there was a minor traffic accident (the official Hamster For President vehicle was rear-ended in a severe thunderstorm), and then a traffic jam that lasted more than an hour on the Washington, DC beltway (which is known to turn into a giant parking lot when bad weather is combined with construction work).

But after hours on the road, most of that time spent waiting for a police collision report and later creeping along the beltway one car-length at a time, little Donna's ride home arrived. She was even more beautiful than her picture.

After the HFP chauffeur made the acquaintance of some of the finest rodents in the world (as well as two of its most beautiful people), young Donna was on her way home. It was after 10:00 p.m. when she left, and a bit past midnight when Donna finally got to her destination (fortunately there was no more tangled traffic or rain to deal with). Because of the stress that is bound to be felt by such a young hamstress changing residences twice in two days, it was decided that the first face-to-face meeting of the two would take place the following day, Monday, August 2nd.

And it went beautifully. Young Donna, who is still too young for marriage and parenthood, woke up around noon. After another human-hamster get-acquainted session with Donna, Cecil was awakened from a sound sleep and told that "someone" was here to meet him. Shaking the sleep from his eyes, he eagerly asked to be taken to see her.

After a somewhat awkward and inappropriate attempt to push his way into her cage (photo at top of page), Cecil backed off, regained his composure, and politely introduced himself, saying humbly that he hoped Donna would accept him as her mate (see photo at left, above). The happiness in her face was clearly visible as she gently whispered to him, "Yes."

After exchanging vows to be faithful for life, and after a lengthy discussion about their mutual future - which is sure to be lived partly in the public eye - the two asked if a gentle kiss would be a suitably dignified way to seal their engagement (it is). And kiss they did - most passionately (right).

As is hamster custom, Cecil can only contact his wife-to-be through the cage bars until she has reached a suitable age for marriage. The age is flexible, as long as the bride weighs no less than 3.5 ounces at the time of the wedding/honeymoon. Although females are capable of reproducing before then, it is best for mother and babies alike to wait until the female is fully mature. At the time of their engagement, Donna weighed 2.6 ounces. However, she is very young and is expected to grow fast (well over an ounce a month). She and Cecil tentatively plan to marry late this month (August) or at the beginning of September.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

GENEALOGY: Cecil is an eighth-generation descendant of the original hamster presidential candidate, Mr. Ganja. It goes this way: Mr. Ganja; Ms. Ganjette; Hamster Balu; Booker T. Hamster; Jade; Yarash, Jr.; Paddington B. Hamster; Ebony II; Yoda; Cecil.

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