Elect Potus!

For those who may have missed the television coverage, nearly 100,000 Americans, fed up with "politics as usual" from humans in government, took to the streets carrying signs and banners proclaiming their support for a hamster as president.

"We Want Potus!" some signs read. Others urged the public to "Vote Hamster For President." "Humans Out! Hamsters In!" said another. And there were banners that said "Rodent Leadership NOW!" as well as "Elect Potus in 2004."

The giant rally took place in early November of 2003, just a year before the presidential balloting of 2004. It was organized by a variety of individuals and groups interested in world peace and civil liberties, as well as others concerned with the burgeoning federal deficit, an ailing economy and, in general, "the misdirection of government today."

A tiny contingent of counter-protesters stood near the Capitol with signs that read: "Government Subsidies for Rat Poison: Kill Rodents" and "Potus Belongs in a Mousetrap, not the White House." The anti-Potus hecklers refused to give their names or be interviewed.

"I came out today to show my support for really new leadership," said one of the hamster supporters, Nancy G. from Michigan. "And I don't think there's much difference between the human candidates. If we are going to change and get better government, the hamster is the only way to go."

"I'm for Potus because he's sweet and cute, and because there's not a mean bone in his body," said Carol, Nancy's daughter who traveled with her from Detroit for the demonstration.

"Hamsters don't lie to people," said George P. from Pennsylvania. "They don't interfere. They won't make a bunch of new laws and new jails to control us." His sentiments were echoed by Marvin P. who traveled all night from Alabama to be present at the march. "If you want freedom, you have to get rid of the power-drunk human politicians. You have to go with this hamster."

Many humans taking part in the rally were accompanied by pets, including a large rat named Miss Martha who was pushed along with the crowd in a baby stroller, at least two or three mice, and numerous hamsters.

"Just look at the support for Potus," said one of the protest organizers. "The momentum is really on our side!"

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