Domino's Homecoming

Domino was born into the world on February 4th, 2003, one of a litter of sixteen babies born to Yofah and her husband, Opus. Like most of her many siblings, she was taken to the Bethesda Pet Shoppe for adoption. Long after the others had found loving homes, Domino remained in the store. She was "mean," they said, and nobody wanted to give her a home.


What exactly did Domino do that was so mean?

"She hates people.... very unfriendly... scares the customers...."

"Can't touch her. Won't let anybody pick her up."

"A little furry terrorist!"

But that couldn't possibly be true. So our human, who lives in our apartment with us, brought Domino home. Domino, the "mean" hamster, was offered a piece of biscuit in the human's hand. And she walked over peacefully, sniffed the little snack, and promptly placed her little paws on the human hand while she ate the biscuit.

Still more unlikely for a "mean" hamster, she then strolled back over to the big human hand and stepped up on it, asking to be lifted from the cage. Mean hamsters don't do that.

So what happened?

Domino wasn't about to say ... Not for a while, anyway.

Then she talked. She missed her mother and father, and she missed her sister that stayed behind, young Munchkin. She didn't want to be adopted. She just wanted to come back home.

But it was hard to convince anybody that she wished to be returned to the family. So she thought it over and decided to put on a rude behavior act.

At first it didn't work. Sometimes she just got ignored. But she was strikingly pretty with those domino-like white-on-black spots on her back. So mostly, people wanted to handle her. But she kept up her little act, rolling on her back and putting up her feet whenever anyone tried to make friends, running to corners, jumping away when anyone came near.

And finally it worked. They gave up. And Domino's dream of going back to her old home, the place of her birth, the apartment of her mother, her father, and her sister, was finally a reality.

At last back home, young Domino asked to be appointed to the staff of the Hamster For President campaign. But a decision had to be made. Was Domino too slick to work on the election committee? Did she behave too much like a human politician?

Not at all, Domino insisted, explaining that all she did was show her displeasure toward those who tried to interfere with her plan to get returned to the family. She wasn't being dishonest, she pointed out. Rather, she was being very honest, showing her true feelings and not pretending she wanted attention when she didn't.

And that makes perfect sense.

So the campaign staff introduced "Honest Domino" to their ranks. Honest, friendly, gentle Domino.

Welcome home, pretty girl!

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