Growth at Headquarters

New faces are coming to the campaign, with still more expected in early May!

The lovely Maggy, sister of presidential candidate Potus, and her husband Mojo, have announced that they expect babies on the 5th of May. It will be their first litter. Maggy is shown below.

Already in the household is another newcomer, The Munchkin, daughter of Opus and his wife Yofah. Munchkin (at right) is expected to join the Hamster For President campaign staff in the very near future. She is engaged to marry young Ozzy, son of Zebedee and Simone.

The exotic, tri-colored Munchkin (black and white banded, with beige coloring on her face and back) is studying economics, and it is expected will assist her future spouse on the Potus Election Committee when she receives her degree.

And our candidate for president of the United States is also thinking of marrying a "mystery hamster" among the campaign staff. Since they are not yet officially engaged, no announcement is being made at this time. Please visit often so you can be advised of the big news when it comes.

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