A Hamster in Congress?

The Hamster For President campaign is delighted to announce that the 8th Congressional District in Maryland now has a hamster running in the general election. He is expected to overwhelmingly take the rodent vote, and is making a last minute appeal for human support. He has the backing of Potus, our presidential candidate in 2004, as well as the entire Hamster For President election committee and staff.

Little Opie - his full name is Opus VonHam - is running as the do-nothing candidate, taking full advantage of the putrid nature of human politics in general, as well as the gross deficiencies found in the Maryland congressional race. His web page links to that of his opponents - the incumbent Republican, Constantly Muggerella and the challenger on the Democratic side, Gritz Van Hogpen. Both, as their web pages suggest, are virulently anti-hamster.

Young Opus, who will be married to a daughter of Tennham and his wife Vladka, is also on the Hamster For President campaign committe, and will continue to serve even if elected. After all, his campaign promise is to take the oath of office and then have a snack and fall asleep. "Do nothing." That's what he promises for the duration of his two-year congressional term. As such, he will have plenty of free time to devote to Potus's cause.

He is shown above in his favorite campaign pose.

Stay tuned for announcements on this page about both the work of the Hamster For President team and the Hamster For Congress effort.

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