Another Generation: Mister Ganja's Legacy Goes On

Sometimes the good overshadows the bad. The Hamster For President Campaign Office suffered a devastating loss on 12 April 2002 with the death of young Mister Ivory, who so recently joined the election committee staff. Mister Ivory - or "Baby Mister Ivory," as he was known when he came to live with us in late December of last year, became ill in early April, shortly after his 24 March marriage to the lovely Ebony II.

But thanks to his fruitful and loving wife, Mister Ivory lives on in his seven children - three sons and four daughters born on 9 April, just three days before he passed away from intestinal cancer. Three of the children are shown at right in a photo taken 25 April, two days after their second week birthday. The seven children, lovingly raised by Mister Ivory's widow, grew up to be beautiful young hamsters, and were ready to leave the nest at one month old. On 7 May 2002, the four daughters went out in search of new homes, while the sons prepared to do the same. As is customary, one of the children (in this case a male) will remain with the campaign. The likely contender is the little fellow at bottom (two weeks old in picture). He is the one most inclined to get into mischief. In fact, at the age of about three and a half weeks, he escaped from his mother's cage during a cleaning, but was quickly reunited with the family.


The campaign is saddened terribly by the loss of beloved Mister Ivory. But we can only be grateful that his children survive him. By loving them, we honor their father.

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