New Faces at HFP Headquarters

ANOTHER GENERATION: These are the grandchildren of Yarash, Jr. and Ersee, babies born 16 July 2001 to Paddington B. Hamster and wife Alison-Fur. They are shown at one month of age (16 August) snacking on a favorite meal, tofu. There are eight in all. Six have now grown up and found happy, loving homes of their own. Two live with their proud parents and grandparents and will be actively working in the Hamster For President campaign.

And above is Pacman, the son of Melek and Mocha, who was born 28 June 2001. The bashful fellow is one of a litter of thirteen, and all of his siblings have found loving families to care for them. Pacman will stay with the Campaign 2004 Election Committee.

Here you see one of the two children of Paddington and Alison-Fur who will stay with the community. His name is Zebedee. The face of mother Alison-Fur appears in the upper left corner.

Last but not least, you see one of two "pale" brothers in the Paddington-Alison-fur litter, a young fellow named Tennham. He, too, will be joining the campaign staff when his education has been completed.

Of the eight children born to Alison-Fur and Paddington, seven were sons and one was a daughter. The baby girl was black-and-white marbled, as were three of the sons. The other two sons were all black with white paws like their father, Paddington.

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