Population Explosion!

The final count is in! The children of Mocha (mother) and Melek (father) number thirteen, and all are doing very well. In the photo above, taken 14 July when the babies were 16 days of age, you see Mocha napping with one of the babies. The second picture (below) was taken the same day and shows two of the youngsters nibbling on some mush made from goat milk and baby cereal.

...and There's More...

On 3 July 2001, a second litter of six was born to Vice Presidential candidate Yarash, Jr. and his lovely wife Ersee. The photograph, taken the same day as those above, shows Ersee with one of the children at the age of 11 days -- just when they start to show an interest in coming out of the nest. The baby is at the doorway of the log nest where Ersee keeps the children.

...and Still More!

We expect that another litter will be born on the 16th of July. The parents are Paddington B. Hamster, son of Ersee and Yarash, Jr. (and older brother of their latest litter), and Alison-Fur, Paddington's beautiful wife. The two are pictured below on their 30 June honeymoon. Watch this site for future developments.

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