The Fruitful Marriage
of YJ and Ersee

Above is a photo of Ersee, the lovely young bride of Yarash, Junior. The couple was married in Maryland on January 3, 2001, and the wedding was followed at once by a passionate honeymoon.

Ersee and Y.J. would like to announce to the world that the union produced ten lovely offspring, born on the afternoon of Friday, 19 January 2001. All ten are healthy and active, and it is expected that they, too, will follow in the footsteps of their elders, promoting the noble cause of rodent government.

By the time the youngsters reached three weeks of age, they moved into their own cage. They soon will be separated by gender, and most will seek new and loving homes. One of the children will remain in the household, although it is not yet decided whether the hamster who should be vice president will be a son or a daughter .

Above, a photo of mama Ersee and one of the ten youngsters. It was taken on 5 February, when the little ones were 17 days of age.

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