Diddley Squat gives wife Ebony a kiss on election night. With the campaign in the past, they have time to think about starting a family.

It's not over!

Never has an 'outside ticket' had the impact of the Hamster For President race in 2000. The "undervotes" in Florida alone numbered in the thousands. And as we have all learned during the electoral crisis, "undervotes" are those ballots in which there is no vote for a presidential candidate whose name appears on the ticket, but rather one written in "under" the major party names.

The photos at right show a television reporter with a ballot marked "Diddley Squat and YJ" and completely punched through on the write-in line. How many were there? We may never know for sure, but there were enough of them in Florida alone to postpone the final outcome of the election for 36 days. It is entirely possible there were enough to win quite a large number of the "seats" in the electoral college for our little hamster delegates. We may never know for sure.

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