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In case you missed it, for an hour or so Diddley Squat was projected the winner of the electoral votes in the race for president (see above). Unfortunately, as has been the case all too often during this campaign, the projection was retracted and the official word from the media was once again that "this election is still too close to call." Now obviously, if the cable news stations could draw this conclusion, Diddley and YJ must have millions of votes. Hey, are you tired of this stuff, or what?

Because write-in votes are the most difficult of all to tally up, we feel that if anyone is entitled to a re-count of the ballots in Florida and other close states, it would be Diddley and YJ. Write-in ballots by definition have to be hand-counted and individually read to "determine the intent of the voter."

Please contact your representatives in Washington and ask them to support recounts of the Hamster For President write-in ballots, too. What's fair for one is fair for all!

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