Another great-great grandbaby for Ms. Ganjette and Scratch! This youngster is one of a litter of five born 24 March 2000 to mother Jade (in picture below), who is shown presenting the infant to the Hamster For President Campaign Committee at the official presentation ceremony. (Yes, hamster mothers always carry their babies around this way.) The genealogy is as follows: Scratch and Ganjette have a daughter named Hamster Balu, born 27 October 1998. Balu, who is married to Simon, gave birth 28 February, 1999 to a son by the name of Booker T. Hamster. Bookie married Yako Zimba I, and had a litter of six babies born 24 September 1999. That litter included Jade, who later married Yarash, and on 24 March bore him a litter of five children, two brown like mother Jade and three black like papa Yarash.

There are now five generations of hamsters to occupy the White House!!!


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