While the candidates and the whole election team chill out (studying and keeping up with the news) until the end of 2019, it's time to get to know the younger generation.

The next Vice President of the United States is an exceptional little rodent. Although he is still young and camera-shy, he's exceedingly smart, thoughtful, and level headed, making him very well suited to the office. He's Monaham, pictured below.

Monaham is also especially close to his brother Mason, who is an exceptionally gifted and fun-loving member of the Hamster for President 2020 election team. In addition to his campaign work, Mason is an entrepreneur in his own right, running a real estate operation to find occupants for abandoned and somewhat off-putting houses. His working website is It's a business that's been in the family for decades and features some residences that are, to say the least ... interesting.

A proceeds from house sales, which consist primarily of seeds, will go to support the election cause. Mason is pictured below.

Mason is a practical joker, but he is serious when he needs to be. His people communication skills are superb, as is his gift for talking to other species of voters.

He, Monaham and Diddley Squat work very well together as a team, something that will prove valuable after the first Hamster inauguration in history takes place in January of 2021.

The hamsters got a lot of encouragement by the fact that the press is taking their candidacy seriously. In fact, a cartoon came out recently about a hamster as head of state. Mason found it on the internet and was utterly delighted with it.

Of course, the hamsters are not offended by the cartoon, even though it seems to poke fun at the idea of a hamster as president. In fact, they're thrilled with the attention.

It's not that "all publicity is good publicity," but humor of this sort is just what the campaign needs. Some people still can't quite imagine a hamster standing at the podium on Inauguration Day and being sworn in by the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. But light-hearted fun such as this cartoon can atually go a long way toward making the idea seem less farfetched and more logical to voters.


On Wednesday, the 28th of August, Mason and Monaham, who had been sharing a cage, were finally moved to separate full-size grownup hamster cages, and were delighted to play around in all the big space. Until then, they had shared a smaller space, still young enough to play with each other but not yet seriously fight. Still, hamsters are solitary creatures and, as grownups, they each need to have their own space.

The cages are side by side, so the conversations between future VP and (probable) future Secretary of State can continue.

They keep abreast of the news by watching RT television, and are eager to apply lessons learned to the campaign ahead and, eventually, to the responsibilities that go with occupying the White House. Of course, they will have a lot less to do than human occupants have - at least going back to the start of the 19th century when the country was still relatively small and government was sized to match. Now, says Mason, the people in Washington think they have to run the entire world, pick leaders for other countries, and wage not just military warfare around the globe, but political and economic warfare, as well. That, says Monaham, "is about to end."

But while the handsome young rodents are analyzing all the problems they'll have to get rid of, they manage to have a bit of fun sometimes, too. In the photo above, Presidential candidate Diddley Squat peers out playfully from behind his seed dish.

The campaign is scheduled to pick a Wheel Committee early next month. It's kind of like those ridiculous "platform committees" that the twin monopoly parties have, except hamsters don't run on platforms. They run on wheels. The "wheel committee" is a joke, of course. You caught that, right? Typical Mason humor.

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