It's no exaggeration to say that there never was and never will be a candidate quite like Potus. As his name suggests, he was born to be president. And he absolutely loved his role as the Hamster For President nominee.

Potus was the youngest hamster to launch a run for the presidency. Born on the 17th of May 2002, Potus entered the race soon after he left his mother's nest.

Potus loved the life of the candidate. He loved the little hamster treats he got. He loved posing for the camera. He loved acting on camera. He loved the attention. He loved it all!

Potus embraced the HFP cause
when barely out of his mother's nest.

While Diddley Squat and Yarash Jr. made an amazing pioneer HFP video promoting their campaign, Potus upped the stakes into the stratosphere, commissioning a professionally shot, professionally edited "Potus for P.O.T.U.S." video that brought him in his youthful cuteness to the screen "live and in living color."

Potus was a small hamster with the long "feather-duster fur" that gave him a babyish look even into old age. It was almost as if he stayed youthful to keep his video up to date.

Potus kept his youthful cuteness
for all his long (29-month) life.

And Potus was a world-wide sensation. A punk rock band in Australia actually recorded a song dedicated to him - "Potus for President," of course. And this was a real band and a real song recorded in a studio and everything - not YouTube. It's a safe bet no other presidential candidate can claim the same! Unfortunately, the song came out after the video, so it couldn't be included.

A young Potus looks down from a shelf
that came to be known as his "throne."


1996: The Great Mister Ganja
1998: Miss Ganjette and Scratch
2000: Diddley Squat and Yarash, Jr.
2004: Diddley Squat and Bupkes
2008: Vote Zoey and Zero!

HFP Campaign Home

Potus became a worldwide sensation.
In Australia, there was even a song dedicated to him.

As luck would have it, the most successful nominee to date ran his campaign on an off-year, 2002. So he never had the chance to put his voter appeal to the test. But he will long be remembered as the fluffy little extrovert who captured the hearts and imagination of the multitudes.

Never one to be camera-shy,
Potus enjoyed being in the spotlight
and eagerly performed for video.

Potus was a life-long bachelor, more of a "people" hamster than anything else. He stayed young for all his 29 months of life, and finally passed away on the 5th of October, 2004 after falling into a sound sleep the day before.

Senior "states-ham" Potus

Appropriately, the Potus tribute song
is on Rodent Records (Australia)