With Diddley Squat's 2012 campaign, the cause went high-tech, with it's main emphasis being the production of video materials. The HFP election committee began the campaign with a re-issue of the 2000 campaign's leaflet, "For those who don't know Diddley Squat," promoting the candidacy of Diddley Squat IV.

The connection is in the genealogy. Diddley Squat the VI was the great-great-great-great-great-great-great (7 greats) grandson of Yarash, Junior, the brother of DS4. Like the first three Diddley Squats, the fourth married and had children, but none survived and he left the world without direct descendants. However, his brother was the proud father of Paddington B. Hamster, nephew of Diddley Squat IV, who in turn married Alison Fur and had several offspring including a son, Tennham.

Tennham and wife Vladka were the parents of Diamond, who never married but became pregnant from an illicit affair that happened in the time it took the human of the family to take a shower. Upon leaving the bathroom, two hamsters had escaped - Diamond and Yoda (who was married to Tyler). Both were immediately returned to their cages, but a surprise awaited all sixteen days later when Diamond gave birth to six babies (the first and only scandal of its kind in the fine lineage of the Squat dynasty). Of them, Cecil stayed in the family, and later in life was married to Donna.

Cecil and Donna were the parents of Diddley Squat V, the 2004 candidate for presisdent. And Diddley Squat was married to Lolly, a much younger female. Their son Yarash, named for his great-great-great-great-great (five) grandather.

Yarash took a bride named Yofah, and they were the parents of a small litter, three girls named Zero and Zoey (2008 candidate for president), as well as Pamster, who lived in Virginia.

Zero was married to Langolier and the couple had several children, but all died in the nest except three. Some human emergency aid managed to bring about two survivors, Bonno and Gabe.

Gabe took Sharkie as his wife, and their son Beetle, married to Bitty, became the proud parents of Diddley Squat VI, the 2012 candidate for president.

In addition to this website, the leaflets and videos were the preferred way of introducing voters to the sixth Diddley Squat, as the goal was to famliarize voters with his name, face, and high ideals, as well as to make them comfortable with the idea of voting for a write-in candidate who happened to be a hamster.

But the emphasis was first and foremost on the video. This (below) relatively short one - three minutes - was his introduction to voters.

And finally there is the Big Feature (25 minutes) that addressed all the issues, slogans and themes of the 2012 campaign.

Above: Squit, Diddley Squat's running mate in 2012.

Potus was a very special candidate who came along at the perfect time for a hamster's bid for the presidency, with the two most unpopular nominees in history facing off against each other, vying for votes from the 70% of eligible voters who hated both of the "main party" candidates.

Dozens of ads were produced for Potus's run for the presidency, thanks to his brother and video production genius Otis. One early ad focused on government surveillance and what it might lead to:

Another early commercial, prepared before the end of the primary season, pitted the honest, peace-loving hamster against Ted Cruz and Hilary Clinton:

And this one, Potus's Nuclear War ad, was made shortly before the election at a time when the whole contry assumed Clinton would win:

Then there was his famous "Credit Card Ad" that had the three candidates attempt to pass a credit check, with two being rejected or declined, and Potus being "approved for four years in the White House."

Finally, this short video, made in May of 2016, is not intended to be a campaign commercial, but rather a piece of silly humor that has President Obama resigning and turning over the presidency to Potus in order to save the country from Trump and Clinton.

A more inclusive list of Potus Campaign 2016 videos appears here.

Above: Lucius, Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2016.