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Because the site that formerly hosted our 2016 commercials is no longer active, we have posted links here so that you can view them (if your browser supports it) or download the videos in MP4 format. To view, please allow a few seconds for videos to load. To save to your computer, click the lower right corner and choose the download option.


Watch Video One

The Credit Card Ad

Watch Video Two

The Privacy (Cell Phone) Ad

Watch Video Three

Another Kind of Potus (early campaign ad)

Watch Video Four

Three Things About Hamsters

Watch Video Five

Changing of the Guard (primary season)

Watch Video Six

Ten Things A Bad President Will Do

Watch Video Seven

Potus Goes to Washington (electable)

Watch Video Eight

The Nuclear War Ad

Watch Video Nine

Potus - Clean and Sober

Watch Video Ten

The Halloween Ad

Watch Video Eleven

The Politics of Garbage

Watch Video Twelve

The Old Newsreel Ad

Watch Video Thirteen

Piss Off the Establishment

Watch Video Fourteen

Test Your Political IQ (long)

Watch Video Fifteen

If It's About The Economy . . .

Watch Video Sixteen

Danger at the Polls!