uby, tenderly-devoted mother of Diddley, while not busy raising her litter of nine children, has spent her life as a civil rights worker. She's been convinced since infancy that discrimination can and will be overcome once people realize the harm done by prejudice. No one, in her opinion, should be looked down upon because of differences in body shape, eye color or type of fur, gender, religious preference, language, speaking ability, educational background, place of residence, family size, cultural heritage, occupation, posessions or lack thereof, social status, or any other thing that separates one creature from another.

Ruby practices what she preaches. She is a tolerant person, and promotes as a campaign slogan, "Question Everything; Ban Nothing."

Her hope for the future is that - with hamsters in the White House and eventually in all branches of government - rivalry and greed will diminish and everyone will be less judgmental and more caring about their neighbors, both large and small.

She is adamant that Diddley not be elected solely because he's uniquely handsome, or even because he's a hamster, or for his membership in the family rodentia, but rather that voters choose him because he is good.