onaham may be best credentialed candidate ever to seek the office of Vice President. He certainly tops all previous hamsters who have run for the position. He began his formal schooling at three weeks and two days of age, when he was weaned from his mother. He studied world history, with a specialty in US mischief abroad. He obtained a law degree at the tender age of six weeks. Then, having joined the practice of his great-uncle Beetle Squat, he began studying political science, social psychology, and communications. He declined a full professorship at Hamsterdam university to devote his time and intellect to the Hamster For President cause.

He will do polling, public outreach and election strategy research for the campaign. When not sleeping in a well lined nest or stuffing food in his pouches, Monaham can usually be found reading an advanced textbook or studying the latest demographic data on the internet.

Monaham, while looking and sometimes seeming a bit too studious to be entertaining, is quite the opposite. While it's true that he's uncomfortable with frivolity, he is a warm, engaging conversationalist and gives rousing speeches when he has to. He's a non-smoker and never touches alcohol, but is tolerant of others with different preferences and thinks the world will be a better place when people let down their guard and stop fearing and rashly judging one another.