Compare Potus the hamster with the candidates from the worthless and increasingly un-democratic 'two party system' (August 2016).

Trick or Treat! In the 2016 presidential slection, there are more than enough tricks but only one treat - Potus the Hamster. (October 2016).

One month to election day! Think your options are limited? Watch this! (October 2016).

Potus the Hamster: He's clean, sober and responsible (September 2016)

Potus addresses the issue of privacy, promising not to spy on anybody, ever! (February 2016)

How will you vote this year? This ad pleads with voters to think before casting their ballots and to use common sense and elect Potus and Lucius (July 2016)

Potus is the logical choice for president because he comes with none of the baggage other candidates have. (April 2006)

Here, Mrs. Clinton seems to be doing all she can to chase away voters and help elect the hamster (September 2016).

What the country needs is real change and that can only come from the election of a hamster (February 2016)

Typical political ad filled with meaningless praise for the candidate, but in this case it's all very much deserved (May 2016)

Trust Potus to keep America out of war. (Spring 2016)

Short ad stresses the fact that people can write in a candidate and that Potus is actually electable (June 2016)

Scary nuclear catastrophe video. Play it safe, vote Potus on November 8th (August 2016)

Test your political IQ with this music video-style Hamster For President commercial. (Summer 2016)

This ad presents ten things the next (human) president could do - all bad. So avoid all the problems and vote hamster in 2016 (April 2016).

Old fashioned news reel ad featuring vice presidential candidate Lucius. (September 2016)

Washington is a mess! We need to change the whole political system by electing Potus, the hamster. (April 2016)

Soothing musical ad making the case for electing Potus to the White House. The longhaired hamster appearing in the middle of the ad is Potus's brother, Otis, our video ham and campaign manager. (May 2016)

This early political ad stresses the differences between human candidates and hamsters (January 2016).

This technically is not a political commercial, just something the hamster campaign created for fun back in late April of 2016.