quit is a successful business-ham, having taken over a rodent real estate business that sells the sort of property often described as "ratholes" to anyone who wants them. Squit does not measure success in terms of profit, however. His real estate firm focuses more on finding shelter for those in need, and has sold four-bedroom homes for as little as a single cucumber slice.

Squit is one of four siblings born to Bitty and Beetle Squat. One brother, Diddley Squat, lives in the same home. A sister, Sharkie, and a brother, Marshall, are both residents of northern Virginia. Although born in Colorado and spending virtually all his time here, Squit has established legal residence in Virginia so as not to be disqualified as a vice-presidential pick in the fall election. Under the Constitution, the President and VP cannot be residents of the same state.

Squit is outgoing and friendly. Among his favorite passtimes are classic video games from the 1980s. He's a skillful Pacman player and excells in such other games as Galaxian, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, and Rally-X (for those who can remember).

Squit is an fan of Def Leppard, Van Halen and Aerosmith. And he liskes to eat corn on the cob, tofu, apple slices, tomato, peas and soybeans.