Spencer died of a brief illness shortly after 6:00 a.m. on the 5th of May 2012.

pencer is the son of Jetta and Fuzzy-Sozo, the grandson of Bonno and Pestis, the great grandson of D'Arcy and the first Spencer, for whom he is named. This take-charge rodent is eager to follow his grandmother's footsteps in the Rodent Real Estate business, while hoping to encourage sister Sage to head up YodaVision, the world's only hamster-owned entertainment firm founded in 2002 by their great-(X8)-grandfather Yoda and currently headed by grandfather Bonno.

Spencer is married to Cropsie, and the couple are parents to ten children, residing in Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia.

He is fascinated with all things architectural, geographic, and financial. This makes him a natural understudy for grandmother Pestis's online rat-hole business.

But his diverse interests span many things, including music (especially acoustic rock and blues), gourmet hamster food, and reading (everything from comic books to newspapers to junk mail).

Spencer is a fervent advocate of both animal and human rights and considers himself a fiscal conservative but a social liberal.

He hopes that in the future, when he's not busy selling unwanted homes and abandoned buildings, to write a series of editorials explaining and promoting the Hamster For President philosophy. "Ban Nothing; Question Everything" is his motto.

Spencer wants to every American to have good housing (though what he considers "good" might not appeal to all).