The lovely Sage passed away in the late evening of 5 June 2013.

age, one of three lovely daughters born to Jetta and Fuzzy-Sozo on the 13th of May 2011, is the wife of Cosmo, the campaign's "enforcer-ham" or "manager of humans." Though the two never had children, they are both devoted to their careers. Sage is production manager for YodaVision, the world's only hamster-owned entertainment firm.

Sage enjoyed a charmed childhood, getting along especially well with her sisters Skosh and Bonnie. She still misses both of them, long after they departed at a young age to live in their permanent home in Virginia. She's also very close with her brothers, Einstein and Spencer, who live with her in Colorado and shares brother Einstein's enthusiasm for horse racing. She has made two videos to date on the subject.

Sage gets her name from a caring mature

female who resided with and protected her mother Jetta while at the store in the now-defunct Westminster Mall. Jetta was promised that her surrogate mother could come live with the family after two weeks. Since the pet shop friend had already given birth twice, it was assumed she'd still be there. But she wasn't. Sage wants all humans to know that if they love a hamster, the time to take that hamster home is immediately and not later.