upert is the campaigns resident intellectual. He loves to read and study. He's an astute observer of current affairs and political trends. He's known to be very thoughtful in reaching conclusions, looking at every issue from all sides. He famously said once that he has not just one opinion on any important matter, but rather several opinions. In fact, says Rupert, "when I want to sample public opinion on a subject of national concern, all I need to do is to poll myself."

In his first months of life, Rupert accurately predicted all the important Supreme Court decisions, from DOMA to affirmative action to the Voting Rights Act.

Rupert is interested in just about everything and can hold his own in any debate, whether over the justice system (and the lack of it), official misconduct, foreign affairs, religion, philosphy, civil liberties or the existence of life in outer space.

Being born in a non-election cycle, he hopes to contribute to the campaign by

writing a book on the social history of hamsters as well as one exploring the future of small critters in elected office.

Rupert is also a champion wheel runner, able to spin his little hamster wheel at incredible speed while keeping himself perfectly level for extended periods of time. A self-described "news junkie," he watches a lot of television, primarily MSNBC.

While Rupert expect to marry when his time comes, he's in no hurry. He says he'll recognize the right lady-ham when he gets to know her.



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