Candidate Pestis passed away in her sleep late the night of Saturday, 30 July 2011.

estis is the working hamster who has made friends all around the country, even the world. She runs a real estate website called Pestis Properties at, which earns not only friends who can help the campaign but many seeds and blocks and other treats which she uses to help support her elderly mother.

Pestis's unique ability to network with humans and hamsters from coast to coast puts the election effort at a real advantage. As outreach director she uses her communication skills to promote awareness of the campaign.

Pestis was born on the night of October the 26th, 2009, one of eleven beautiful children born to D'Arcy and Spencer. The following year she was married to Bonno, son of Langolier and Zero and brother of Gabe. Their nine children were born on March 1st, 2010.

After the death of her beloved sister Sharkie on the 17th of June, she embraced her young nephew, Beetle, who aspires to be like his grandfather, the legendary Spencer.

Pestis's generosity and sociable nature make her a favorite with all who meet her.

Pestis loves nothing more than her family, the rodent political cause and her real estate firm. Sons Limood and Fuzzy Sozo live with her and her husband. A daughter named April is in Ohio. And a son Fuzzball, along with daughters Bubble and Strangelet, are at the National Capital Area HFP compound. She is also very close to two sisters - Natalie and Noelle - at the same Virginia address and a brother, Napster, in Cincinnati.

When not working on the business or the campaign, she enjoys relaxing and reading a good book.


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