eet Marjo, who came to join the family and the campaign at the age of almost four months. She had languished in the back room of a pet store an hour's drive from the sanctuary. One of her eyes is ruby (dark) red and the other is bright red, and the pet store considered her unlikely to be bought.

Upon seeing her, our human fell instantly in love and brought Marjo home, even

stopping on the way to buy her a taco for a snack (no sauce, please).

Marjo appreciates every act of kindness shown to her and has made many new friends since getting herself an email account. This exotic hamstress has elegant and often-envied satin fur - she's very short-haired and shines like like a new copper penny.

Marjo has a sharp mind and a very big heart. For the first two weeks of her residence at the HFP office, she insisted

that phone calls be made on her behalf to the pet shop to inquire about her mother, who had been sick at the time Marjo left. She was relieved to find that her mother has made a complete recovery.

Marjo is an intensely private person, using a sheet of brown wrapping paper to cover the part of her cage where she's built her nest. That's understandable given the fact that she spent several weeks on display only to have people point to her eyes and call her "freaky." Says Marjo, "That seriously hurts!"



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