ouie, an expert in diplomacy, dialogue and conflict resolution, is most proud of what he considers his greatest contribution not only to the campaign but to the country and even the entire world - the fact that he, as father of the candidate, brought Diddley into this life. "Without him, and my lovely wife Ruby who gave birth to the future president, the future for this country would be desolate and bleak, to say the least." He is committed to making sure that Diddley is kept safe on his journey to the White House. An organized, responsible hamster, he already is creating

guidelines for inaugural events to take place in the not-so-distant month of January 2021.

Louie is an anti-war campaigner from his youth, and believes that violence solves nothing. "Wars don't make us safer," he repeatedly insists. "They make us hated."

An amateur economist on top of everything else, he also is in the process of writing a book on the "combat economy" in which he makes numerous proposals about what could be done with the 17 trillion dollar military budget. "It'll pay for everything you ever dreamed of having," Louie says.