eņor Lopez, revered by all who know him as thoughtful and considerate, has an exceptional ability for teaching. As a key staff member in this campaign, he is in charge of volunteers, interns, and staff training. A student of linguistics, Lopez is literate not only in his native Hamsterese, but also in English, Spanish, and ancient Latin. He also speaks fluent Hebrew, though has not mastered the written language.

Seņor Lopez has long been an activist against police brutality and strongly supports the Hamster Lives Matter cause.

His priority now is to see a clean, "no-negatives" Hamster For President campaign, and will make sure the Diddley Squat For President campaign addresses the enormous policy flaws of our opponents, rather than focusing on their personal failures. "There are things that are nobody's business," he says. "And then there are those things that are everybody's business."

He worries about voter apathy, and intends to make sure that all volunteers stress the electability and qualifications of hamsters as public servants. The campaign will also work hard on voter registration, particularly among the marginalized poor, the young, and those potential voters who are furry and have four feet.