Candidate Limood died of old age on 23 September 2010.

o movement or campaign can stay on course long if it takes itself too seriously. So Limood, quite a different creature from his brother Fuzzy-Sozo, embarked on a much more fanciful profession - that of WeatherHam.

Since he resides in Colorado and lives along the Rocky Mountain front range - where weather prediction couldn't get more uncertain - he is keenly aware that the line between weather forecaster and comedian is often hopelessly blurred.

As Limood himself explains it, if the temperature is expected to peak just before reaching 100, then why not predict a sprinkling of snow? It can happen. And more to the point, it makes for better television entertainment.

Limood actually inherited his occupation from a great aunt who left him the tools of the trade - a battery operated "weather station" that reads temperatures and weather conditions from a remote device, as well as a magical "snow globe" that is believed to have a mystical power to alter weather conditions.

"Okay, it's probably a fairy tale," Limood concedes. "But on the other hand, it's as good an explanation as the old nonsense about trade winds and sun spots."

Limood is the son of Pestis and Bonno. He is the brother of Fuzzy Sozo; April who lives in Ohio; and Fuzzball, Bubble and Strangelet, all at HFP National Capital Area headquarters.

He longs to marry and father a large brood. He likes outings in an exercise ball and enjoys sleeping late - especially on boring days with no tornado watches or deadly cloud-to-ground lightning.



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