eo, a talented movie producer in his own right, is in charge of producing, directing, editing, and distributing Diddley Squat's campaign commercials for the 2020 election. He learned the craft from his illustrious predecessor Otis, brother of candidate Potus (2016) and producer of the many "Potus For President" videos which achieved worldwide acclaim. This ambitious staffer, fondly known to Diddley as "Uncle Leo," intends to prepare at least one video minimum per month through the end of 2019, and double that number in 2020.

To describe Leo as hard-working is an enormous understatement. He's been known to sit on a computer keyboard for twelve, sixteen, even twenty hours without a break - something that's actually necessary for getting all the little, complicated pieces in place, properly timed, and visually perfect. So dedicated is he that he never complains of tired eyes or sore paws or even lack of sleep. He is a rare breed of campaign worker whose concern for the country's welfare is unrivaled by any human counterpart at any time in history. The election of Diddley Squat will be, he says, his only concern from now until the 3rd of November, 2020, and he believes in his heart she will win.