Jetta passed away in the early morning hours of 30 January 2012.

etta is the wife of Fuzzy-Sozo and mother of his five children. As a youth, she was liberated from a pet shop in Westminster, Colorado, located in a shopping mall that was slated for demolition (and eventually torn down in July of 2011).

Immediately she began her studies as a computer expert and website developer, taking over the duties performed by the late Cropsie. Before long she became engaged to our resident hamster-at-law Fuzzy-Sozo.

Jetta and Fuzzy-Sozo celebrated their marriage the night of 27 April 2011, followed immediately by a passionate honeymoon. Their union produced six offspring, born on Friday the 13th of May. One son died in infancy.

The handsome couple's living children include three who live at the Colorado campaign's brand new headquarters in the northeast section of Denver - sons Spencer and Einstein and daughter Sage. Two more daughters - Skosh and Bonnie - reside at the National Capital Area campaign office in Virginia.

In addition to raising her family and tending to the endless chores associated with being a "geekham," Jetta likes to produce what she calls "experimental art." Her masterpieces include an exercise wheel full of neatly arranged seeds and blocks which she titled "The Meal Wheel."

Jetta is an avid sports fan and invited the world to celebrate with her when a deal was reached to end the NFL shut-out. She's a lifetime Broncos fan and longs to get her chance to see a game live at Mile High Stadium (a.k.a. Invesco Field).