oldie is the daughter of Cropsie and Spencer, a tri-colored short-hair like her mother. But there the similarities end. Young Goldie has yet to overcome her childish shyness. But she's an inquisitive hamster, even if much less social than her brother. And she's eager to learn all she can about almost everything - especially current events.

Goldie has many decisions still ahead of her in her young life. She hopes to marry one day and be the mother of "a very famous hamster." But for now she's content to watch the news and complain about the "sorry" state of the world today.

She is also fond of music and, while possessing no musical talent herself, nonetheless describes herself as a "musician" since being taught to turn on the stereo. Her favorite band (she'd play them all night if she could) is Aerosmith.

Goldie likes to get up early in the evening and is early to retire to her nest in the morning. She enjoys wheel running, sometimes overdoing it and turning her little stand-up hamster wheel flat on its back.

Her favorite foods are unseasoned pasta, cucumber, avocado and tofu. She's not overly fond of cameras, and will usually go into hiding at the sight of one. It took a couple hours to persuade her to pose for her official HFP portrait.



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