Candidate Fuzzy-Sozo passed away of old age on 8 September 2012

hen Fuzzy Sozo, hamster-at-law, enters the room, everyone stops to hear what he has to say. Sozo's knowledge of the law is compelling. Indeed, law has been an obsession with him almost since the day he first wobbled out of his mother's nest. Rather than play like other youngsters, his wish was to get his paws on all the textbooks and law reviews he could find.

Fuzzy Sozo believes that all principles of law must be fully understood and appreciated before taking them and extending them to the rodent population. And that is his goal in life.

Born on March 1st of 2010, this highly evolved son of Pestis and Bonno believes that the concepts of property and privacy rights logically extend to rodents. Rodents, he says, are also consumers - and enter into contracts, as well - and thus have the same right to expect a fair deal as anyone else. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out, Sozo says. The goal of civil law, whether enacted by statute or jurisprudence (case precedent), is to prevent one party from abusing the other.

Fuzzy Sozo also specializes in mediating disputes before they become claims for damages. Cage cleaning is an example.

Hamsters hoard things. It's part of the hamster nature. So the confrontation that can happen when sanitation-loving human is pitted against furry treasure-collector is like the old irresistible force on a collision course with the immovable object. Both parties have to make concessions so that a mutual agreement is made that allows all parties to benefit.

As lofty as Sozo's conversation may be, there's no doubt that, as we look toward the 2012 election, there will be regulatory obstructions and red tape ahead. The campaign will benefit enormously by having Sozo standing in the wings.



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