Einstein passed away in his sleep on the 13th of January, 2013.

instein, born in Denver on the 13th of May 2011, deceased 13 January 2013, is a hamster who lived up to his name. He invented a system for picking winners in horse races, placing bets on scores of them in his lifetime.

Though he never persuaded anyone other than fellow hamsters that the system worked, he always insisted that it took into account all factors except chance. And several of his horses actually won races.

Einstein was also a serious scholar of the human mind and in his youth he studied a phenomenon which he termed "bitephobia," an irrational fear hamster bites.

But Einstein's serious side was usually eclipsed by his playful nature. At about seven weeks of age, while he still shared a cage with brother Spencer, he decided to take advantage of a brief moment when their cage was left open. He hid under the cage litter, which perfectly matches his fur, and then let it be thought he'd escaped.

For hours, his caretaker (the "GFO" or "Great Furless One") sought him in every corner of the house, even setting traps. Eventually she spotted him under his brother's head while the two napped.

Einstein always believed that rodents should be involved in doing clinical studies on humans - for the benefit of the humans, of course. Any large donations of money that are in his memory (not that he asked, of course) will be put into a foundation to train rodent researchers.