iddley Squat VI was born the 27 of March 2012, the son of Bitty and Beetle Squat. A highly motivated young hamster, Diddley is resourceful, curious, sensitive, and wise. He is currently studying law under his third Cousin, Fuzzy-Sozo, hamster-at-law, and he has a keen interest in public policy. He was named for his illustrious great-great-great-grandather, Diddley Squat V.

Diddley also works well others and knows how to delegate authority in appropriate ways.

Diddley is also a news junkie. His cage sits in front of a TV set and he watches non-stop news from all around the world during his waking hours. He also is an avid reader, choosing everything from political science and philosophy texts to comic books. His favorite is Sherman's Lagoon, a comic strip about sharks.

Diddley Squat is a staunch supporter of civil liberties. He hates war, corruption, and prejudice; he believes that rich humans and rodents should pay their fare share of taxes, and consider veterinary care to be a right that should be available at little or no cost to any creature in need.

Diddley loves sports and being around others who are having a good time. He insists he's not strictly a "party animal," though. For the time being, he is single. But hopes to be elected President and then find a "perfect" bride.

Diddley says that both liberals and conservatives who favor small government should give him their vote. Weighing in at just under six ounces, he says, you won't get smaller government than that.

Diddley also promises that, if elected, he will serve pro bono, meaning that he won't ask for pay.