Cropsie died unexpectedly in the early morning hours of February 20th, 2011.

ropsie was with us for such a short time that her face never even made the candidates page. But she instantly captured the hearts of all who knew her and will never be forgotten.

Cropsie was born in the fall of 2010 in Ohio. She traveled to Colorado as a young adult, arriving on the 6th of January. She was soon engaged to Limood, son of Pestis and Bonno.

The couple married on the 25th of January, but didn't honeymoon until the 6th of February. It eventually became obvious that Cropsie was pregnant, as there was noticeable weight gain 12 days later, four days before she was to give birth.

The first sign of trouble came a day later, when Cropsie failed stopped gaining weight. She appeared otherwise to be in perfect health, active and content.

Then tragedy struck. Cropsie was found dead early on the morning of February 20th, just two days before her expected delivery date. It is thought that she may have had an abdominal tumor that was complicated by the pregnancy.

She is mourned by her grieving widower, Limood, as well as all in the HFP family - hamsters and humans alike - throughout the U.S.A.