Beloved Cropsie passed away Saturday, the 15th of June 2013.

andidate Cropsie joined the HFP community on Friday, the 11th of November, 2011. "She came from God, brought to us by angels," is the first thing Spencer said when he saw her. The two became infatuated with each other from the very start and were married on the 13th of December, 2011. Their ten children were born on the 29th of that month.

Their children include Goldie and Rocco, also candidates for the presidency, as well as a son and daughter living in Cincinnati,

Ohio, and two sisters who work out of the Hamster for President National Capital Area office in suburban Washington, DC.

Cropsie is a well-bred young hamstress, a native of western Colorado with a degree in marketing from the University of Hamsterdam. As the campaigns staff "geekster," she is responsible for all computer work at the national office. She also assists husband Spencer, maintaining a web site for his Rodent Realty business.

And with all their children raised to adulthood, Cropsie enjoys a number of

hobbies, including regular correspondence (by email) with a best friend who lives in Virginia, also named Cropsie. She believes that the communications infrastructure is America's most valuable asset.

The humans she most admires in this world include Barney Levin of Cincinnati, inventor of the hamster wheel; Prof. Rodencia Milagros of Washington, DC, who broadcasts a weekly radio program for hamsters; Ms. O. Cricetus, importer of Criceto Urina, a fine Italian wine; and namesake Cropsey, a real-life New York "boogeyman."



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