Cosmo crossed over the bridge just past 1:00 a.m. on 9 April 2013.

osmo was a very special member of the HFP family, coming to live in the community the evening of October 21st, 2010. All that is known about his background is what he has said about his upbringing. His mother, who never received a formal education, was fed a steady diet of Fox News and convinced baby Cosmo that Sarah Palin was a genius. Needless to say, that got him off to a rocky start with these furry "politics junkies."

Cosmo soon found that the seven hamsters who shared a room with him were willing to try to understand him and help him learn more about the world. He became particularly close to Beetle and the two sometimes had discussions that lasted most of the night.

Cosmo finally got the ultimate expression of acceptance when two patriarchs of the family (Bonno and Gabe) accepted him as a prospective husband for a then-unborn daughter.

The promise was finally fulfilled when Sage, the lovely daughter of Fuzzy-Sozo and Jetta (born 13 May 2011), agreed to marry him. The wedding took place on the first of October, 2011. But sadly the union failed to produce offspring.

Cosmo, who worked for the campaign as its Human Management Specialist, was also very supportive of the carrer of his bride, Sage, offical video producer for the HFP election committee. Cosmo passed away of old age on the 9th of April 2013.



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