itty joined the family on the same day as Cropsie, though she is younger and was a lot smaller upon her arrival. A few days later, little Bitty became critically ill, and had to be rushed by hambulance to a veterinary hospital in Aurora, Colorado (the same one that's on Animal Planet). She hovered near death for another 48 hours and then began to show signs of recovery, the result of the banana-flavored antibiotic prescribed for her by the good doctors.

Bitty wanted desperately to continue her education and become a medicine ham so she, too, can save lives. She finally achieved her goal after extensive study under the late, great Doc Electra, a very wise health consultant who lived in northern Virginia.

Bitty felt drawn to Beetle from the first night of her residence in the community, and he returned her love, grieving during her illness to the point that he had to be pulled out of his nest at feeding time. The couple became engaged as soon as she

recovered, and the two were finally married on the evening of 18 January 2012. It is Bitty's fondest hope that she will eventually succeed in becoming pregnant and will give birth to a litter of healthy children.

Bitty promises that, if she is elected, she will be sensitive to the needs of any living being who is sick. She will do everything possible to make affordable health care, both preventive and curative, available to all - regardless of age, color, species, gender, occupation, religious affiliation, or income.



Election 2012