assey joined the family at her birth on 22 April 2013. Any resemblance to Candidate Rocco is no coincidence. Bassey is his daughter. Her mother is MidDiv. An avid watcher of horses races in England, she insists she was born to be the campaign's official horse racing expert, and spends almost all of her free time on the computer researching horses running in upcoming races. She actually has a pretty good record at picking winners.

Bassey may have a little less free time in coming weeks, however, as she has announced her engagement to the illustrious VP, Squit, and the couple wants very much to raise a family.

Bassey is a strong believer in peace and considers that the most important goal of any administration. She demands an end to the manufacture and sale of rat and mouse traps of all kinds, along with anything else designed to harm rodents. "The world will not be right until this scourge has been removed," she says.

While Bassey does not expect to be elected, given the fact that her birth occurred so soon after an election year, she hopes that a grandchild of hers will eventually serve in the White House. She and Squit, whose wedding is scheduled for late June 2013, often discuss how to raise an upstanding family of honest and humble political hamsters.

In addition to horse races, her interests include her internet friends, American history, architecture (particularly the design of luxury rodent cages), eating, and sleeping



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